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O Pioneiro - Kayak-tours on the Mondego

Every day, between Penacova and Coimbra

Private kayak tour on the Mondego river


Natural beauty of the Mondego valley and the excellent stable water level made it Portugal's preferred river kayaking. Enjoy a relaxing, refreshing day on the river and enjoy the views, forests, river beaches, majestic prey-birds and a great variety of fish. We offer an exclusive opportunity to enjoy these wonders in a private tour.

Kayaking trips in Portugal - Mondego river

For specific maps and instructions to get to our meeting points, click on the arrows below:


Kayaking trips on the mondego in Coimbra
Private Tour - Private Guide: 

As the Mondego is the most beautifull and accessible valley to kayak in Portugal, there can be a lot of people on the river during the summer. While this is still not by any means comparable to crowded rivers in other European countries, we have developped this private tour package to make sure that you can enjoy the silence beauty and peacefullness in the ensuring company with a private englis speaking guide. We offer a small pickick with local products on a river beach along the way!

The private tour takes place in groups of 2 to 6 people, and includes a private transport from our base at Torres do Mondego (see map) – or from the center of Coimbra (see map). The 18 km trip takes 3-4 hours by kayak, and count some 2 extra hours for stops and transport.

In order to avoid crowds on the river; meeting hours tend to be at 9.00 in the morning or around noon.

The price of this exclusive package has an extra cost of 80 euros above the normal price.


Parking Place

Private Transport

Private Guide

All Necessary Material

Waterproof box



Contact us for further details and availability!

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