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O Pioneiro - Kayak-tours on the Mondego

Every day, between Penacova and Coimbra




Starting place of the descents

Meeting at 10.30

At our terrain near the dam of Carvoeira on the left shore.

Instructions from the IP3 - Coimbra-Viseu:

-IP3 – Take the second exit of Penacova
-Follow towards the Mondego river (do not enter the village of Penacova)
-Pass the bridge over the Mondego at ‘Ponte’ and turn to you right
-Pass the village of ‘Carvoeira’
-At the junction with indication 'Travasso' turn right
-Reaching the river, turn to the right
-Follow 200m (dirt road) to the dam.

GPS coordinates

40.259682, -8.278627

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