O Pioneiro - Kayak-tours on the Mondego

Every day, between Penacova and Coimbra
Prices for individual participants

Descent Penacova - Torres (18km)


Descent Penacova - Coimbra (25km)


Price for students (with card)


Price for youth (<16 years)


Price for children (<8 years) in middle


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Prices Extra Services
Prices for groups


Price in groups > 10p (18km)


Price in groups > 10p (25km)


Price in groups > 20p (18km)


Price in groups > 20p (25km)


Groups students /scouts (18km)


Price in groups > 30p (18km)


Price in groups > 30p without transport


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Waterproof box (deposit)


Low Cost Lunch


BBQ Lunch (only groups)


BBQ use Torres (min 10p)


Camping place Torres (min 10p)


Group transport from Lisbon 50p


Extra Monitor


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Rent a kayak in Portugal - Mondego

These prices include:


-All the material

-Monitoring where necessary