O Pioneiro - Kayak-tours on the Mondego

Every day, between Penacova and Coimbra

Kayaking in Portugal on the Mondego river

O Pioneiro do Mondego is a family owned company of adventure sports and eco-tourism in Penacova. Our main activities are the daily kayak-trips downstream the river Mondego between Penacova and Coimbra. The descents are a perfect activity for couples and families with children, for lone nature-loving travelers, for scouting summer-camps, for schools or as a teambuilding activity for companies, around Coimbra in the center of Portugal.

Our kayak tours are one of the main outdoor activities in Coimbra, Portugal

The main kayak river in Portugal!

It was founded in 1988 by two Belgian teachers, Dirk and Kristien, and was one of the first companies in adventure tourism in Portugal. Over the years the company has grown and more than 100.000 people from all over the world have kayaked on the Mondego with us. Today O Pioneiro do Mondego is a national and international reference; in 2014 our company has been nominated among the top-15 highlights of Portugal by the “Rough Guides”.