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O Pioneiro - Kayak-tours on the Mondego

Every day, between Penacova and Coimbra

Torres do Mondego



Arrival of the 18km trip


Meeting at 9.45 am – Transport at 10.00

GPS coordinates:

40.191351, -8.387995
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We meet at our private car park on the side of the Mondego river. It is located on the old road from Coimbra to Penacova (N110), just at the entrance of the village of Torres do Mondego (at the side of Coimbra).

You can BBQ and Camp on this place, check it out!

Instructions coming from the South (Lisbon):


Exit the A1 at the Exits (11) of Condeixa/Tomar

Follow the IC2/IC3 to Coimbra for 6,7 km
Cross the Rainha Santa Isabel bridge

Follow EN17, VN Poiares @ the bridge

Follow EN110, Penacova @ the roundabout of Portela

Continue for 1.1 km: the entrance gate is at your right

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